Therapeutic Sober Living


Therapeutic Sober Living

Shadow Mountain Recovery provides beautiful, gender specific homes that are located in the surrounding community in close proximity to our facilities. This resource is only available for clients participating in SMR Day Treatment or IOP programming. Day Treatment clients are provided transportation along with programming resources for supervision and individual skill-development daily. IOP clients are required to have employment or school engagement in place prior to acceptance and participate in IOP programming during the evening hours.

24/7 Staffing and Structure

The therapeutic sober homes are different than traditional sober living homes in that they have structured, daily schedules that must be followed by the residents that are staying in the home. The schedules in the therapeutic sober living homes support and enhance the schedules of the Intensive Outpatient and Day Treatment Programs–again, following the concept of continuum of care.

While living in these homes, residents will follow a daily schedule, and are bused to and from treatment on a daily basis. The therapeutic sober home is also staffed on a 24-hour basis. The homes are an extension of treatment. When the individual leaves initial treatment or the evening outpatient group, they can stay in a therapeutic environment that helps them continue in their treatment and early recovery process. Therapeutic sober homes also provide clients with the ability to get out of their old using environments and areas that are a setup for relapse in their own personal life. Studies have shown, all across America, that if an individual is able to get out of their environment for a period of time, their prognosis increases greatly. This is even more effective if staying in long-term recovery.

Life Skills

An essential part of our goals for our residents, while in our therapeutic sober homes, is to assist them in relearning the life skills, interpersonal skills, and essential behaviors that were lost during their addiction–all factors needed for long-term success.

At Shadow Mountain, we are very proud of our new therapeutic sober homes and feel they will be a great addition into the continuum of care programs we offer.