Day Treatment

This level of care provides a Monday through Friday schedule of recovery activities along with professional resources like individual and family therapy sessions. Clients are in treatment programming during daytime hours and reside outside of the programming facility.


Day Treatment

The day treatment progam allows people that might not have the funding to pay for residential care through insurance, to obtain treatment that is very similar to a residual model, which gives way to a good transition from residential to outpatient treatment following the idea of a continuum of care. The day treatment program consists of a 30 to 60 day process.  Our experienced assessment team will evaluate our clients on whether 30 or 60 days is the most appropriate for each client and create a personalized rehab program.


The day treatment program includes meeting five days a week for a therapeutic process from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  While in treatment, they follow a full continuum and curriculum of care that has been developed to help clients enter into the early stages of recovery.  While in treatment, they also have a daily schedule of individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, didactic education, family process, and experiential therapy, as they are going through the treatment process.


Due to the fact that day treatment is a lower level of care, most insurance companies will cover at least a portion of day treatment groups, affording families the opportunity to use insurance benefits to pay for some of the costs of this group.  Our experienced insurance experts will assist families in utilizing their insurance benefits to their fullest–removing a stressful component that a family deals with during their quest to seeking coverage.


On the weekends there is not a clinical therapeutic process, though our clients are expected to meet for a service activity on Saturday mornings and a group activity on Sunday mornings. Therefore, clients remain engaged with us in structure seven days a week while they are going through the treatment process.

The day treatment process is also used for clients that are coming out of the extended care process that need more structure and direction as they are leaving a very structured residential process.